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Barbecue Societies and Associations

Societies and Associations -

baby back ribs

If you're just getting started in the BBQ scene or wonder what else is out there, then a great place to get started is by looking locally. Most states or regions have a barbecue society that promotes events, competitions and even host forums. These are a great way to get involved or maybe just go eat some good BBQ. Bookmark your own local one and try to remember to visit it or maybe they have a Facebook/Twitter feed you can subscribe to.

Beyond info for BBQ competitions and events these sites may also be a great resource for getting help or bouncing ideas off of fellow BBQ'ers. My local BBQ society has a forum up that users sometimes post recipes or let others know of good deals on used smokers or supplies. Below you'll find a comprehensive of local/regional BBQ Societies and Associations.


Alabama -
Alaska -
Arizona -
California -,
Colorado -,
Florida -,
Georgia -
Illinois -
Iowa -
Kansas -
Louisiana -
Minnesota -
Missouri -
Nebraska -
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Other Regional BBQ Associations

International Barbeque Cookers Association -
Mid-Atlantic BBQ Association -
National BBQ Association -
New England BBQ Society -
Pacific Northwest BBQ Association -
Rocky Mountain BBQ Association -
Great Lakes -
Intermountain BBQ Association -
Southern BBQ Network -
Western Slope BBQ Association -

International BBQ Associations

BBQ Festivals -
National Barbecue Association -
World Barbecue Association -
Canadian Barbecue Association -
BBQ on the Bow (Calgary, CAN) -
Western Canadian BBQ Assoc. -
Canada -
Australian BBQ Society -
Austrian Barbecue Association -
British BBQ Society -
Caribbean BBQ Association -,
Dutch BBQ Information -
German Barbecue Association -
Irish BBQ Association - Irish BBQ Association
National BBQ Association of the UK -
Swiss Barbecue Association -

Competition Organizations & Cook-Offs

Kansas City Barbecue Society (KCBS) -
International Barbeque Cookers Assocation (IBCA) -
Memphis in May(MIM) -
Florida BBQ Assoc -
Barbeque Championship Series -
Memphis Barbecue Network (MBN) -
American Royal Barbecue -
Jack Daniel's World Championship Invitational -
Houston Rodeo & Livestock Show -

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Last Updated: December 27, 2011