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tips for BBQ | The secrets for low and slow barbecue ribs, pulled pork, brisket and more

BBQ Dictionary

Below are barbecue monikers, terms and phrases used throughout this site and the barbecuing world. I've put this together to help explain these common terms, dispel (or add to) myths and to help jump-start your barbecue knowledge.

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2-1-1 Method - The 2-1-1 method is an amazing and foolproof way to produce moist, tender, barbecued baby back ribs.
3-2-1 Method - The 3-2-1 method is an amazing and foolproof way to produce moist, tender, BBQ spare ribs. 321 ribs are a must try.
Armadillo Egg - Armadillo Eggs are a popular barbecue appetizer made from a stuffed jalapeno pepper wrapped in meat.
Bear Paws - Bear Paws are an indispensable BBQ accessory used to shred or "pull" pulled pork after it's cook.
Beer Can Chicken - Does Beer Can Chicken really work? Is it the panacea for creating moist and flavorful chicken on your grill?
Butt Over Brisket - A smoker cooking tip that helps keep briskets moist and adds a great bacon-like flavor from the pulled pork roast.
Butter Bath Chicken - Shows how to bbq chicken thighs competition-style using the butter bath method to braise the chicken.
Chimney Starter - How to Light Charcoal using a Charcoal Chimney Starter
Cold-Smoking - The difference between cold smoking and hot smoking and barbecuing. If you're looking for tips on how to cold smoke or what techniques are available then start here.
Dalmatian Rub - A simple barbecue rub made with salt and pepper. The combination is used to bring out flavor and is typically used on chicken or brisket.
Foil-Towel-Cooler - How to keep food warm or hold barbecue meats at temperature using the foil, towel and cooler method.
Gift-Ideas - Looking for great gift ideas for Father's Day this year? Here is a list of my favorites that the Father in your life will love.
Himalayan Salt Blocks - Shows how to cook and care for Himalayan Salt Blocks. Salt blocks can be used for serving cold dishes or used to cook on top of either in the house or on the grill. This also includes a fantastic recipe for cooking garlic rosemary shrimp on a salt block.
Links - BBQ Links
MOINK - MOINK balls are bacon-wrapped meatballs cooked low and slow in a barbecue and covered with a glaze.
Plank Grilling - Cedar planking imparts an amazing flavor into fish and other dishes. This is a how-to for plank grilling.
Pork Rib Cuts - What are the different cuts of pork ribs? Baby Back Ribs, Spare Ribs, St. Louis-style Ribs, Rib Tips, etc
Rib Membrane - How to remove the membrane from ribs when preparing baby back ribs.
Salts-Curing - How to use salts, nitrates, nitrites for brining and curing. This post compares the different pink curing salts (Prague Pink Powder/Insta-Cure #1 and #2) and also provides various information on brining.
Smoker Box for Smoking on a Gas Grill - Smoking on a gas grill is easy when you can just fill a box with wood chips or pellets.
Smoker Pouch for Smoking on a Gas Grill - Smoking on a gas grill can be as simple as making a wood chip pouch out of tin foil.
Societies and Associations - Links to local/state/regional BBQ Clubs, Societies and Associations.
Spatchcock - Spatchcocking is a simple and effective way to prepare barbecued chicken for the grill by butterflying from the backbone. This allows the chicken to stay moist since the chicken breasts stay more protected.
Spritzing Ribs - Spritzing your ribs is the trick to keeping pork ribs from drying out is to ensure they have enough moisture throughout the cooking process. Say goodbye to dry ribs.
Traeger P-Setting - How to adjust the "Smoke" setting on your Traeger Pellet Smoker. This is a complete guide of how to adjust the P-setting which controls the resultant temperature of the smoke setting on your grill.
Wood - Barbecue woods impart unique smoke flavors to barbecue meats. This is a guide to what type of wood to use on your smoker or grill.
WSM - WSM stands for the popular Weber Smokey Mountain barbecue smoker/cooker.